Campsite Information. San Diego Waterfront Camping.

Campsite Information. San Diego Waterfront Camping.

Campland regarding the Bay supplies a variety that is wide of.

Bay View RV Web Web Sites

Comprehensive Hookups (water/electric/sewer). These websites back as much as a view that is nice of Bay overlooking the Kendall Frost Wildlife Sanctuary. No coastline access. Positioned in parts we, G, H, F and E. Many internet sites have actually firepits with the exception of I section that has lawn. All websites have actually a picnic dining table.

Beachfront RV Web Web Web Sites

Complete Hookup (water/electric/sewer). Closest internet internet sites towards the coastline along Wildlife Friendly Lane. These websites likewise have firepits. Prime location!

Distinguished RV Web Web Internet Sites

Complete Hookup (water/electric/sewer). This web site kind is situated in various chapters of the park, such as for instance F and H (near puppy Wood park, a leash free dog park), J row ( internet internet web sites 2-14) located up against Central Park, K line ( sites 2-10), each one is asphalt pull-thrus, and O area internet web internet sites 1,2 and 3.

Dry RV Internet Web Internet Sites

Non-hookups web internet sites. These websites are typical asphalt, based in I section 30 to 38. Each site includes a picnic table but NO fire bowl. Quick access towards the coastline and marina.

Limited RV & Tent Web Sites

Partial hookup internet sites (water, electric) just. No sewer hookups. Ideal for tent RV’s or camping that don’t need sewer hookup. Near to pool/spa and Huff & Puff Park (playground) Some web internet internet sites are shaded. All web internet web sites have fire pits. Some, not all, have area that is grassy. Dump channels available nearby in Section the and Section F.

Marina Dry RV Internet Internet Web Sites

Non-hookups internet internet sites. Positioned straight across from ship marina and launch with close usage of the coastline. These websites are typical asphalt, based in I section 39 to 47. A picnic is had by each site dining dining table but NO fireplace.

Chosen RV Web Web Sites

Complete Hookups (water/electric/sewer). These websites are located in a variety of areas through the park. B & G sections are near pool/spa, we part is centrally located, J and K parts near Central Park, Q line backs as much as Rose Creek and final line of O area. All internet web web sites include picnic tables. Most web web sites have fire pits apart from we, K, Q and straight straight back of O.

Choose RV Internet Internet Internet Sites

Full Hookups (water/electric/sewer). Near the water, these sites are found from 2 to 10 web internet sites far from our coastline in parts L, M, N and O. All those internet web web sites include picnic table and fire pit.

Standard East RV Web Web Sites

Comprehensive Hookups (water/electric/sewer). They are the most affordable of our complete hookup web sites. They have been on the East (Standard Sections L, M, N and O) part of our park. Internet internet internet Sites have actually firepits. Standard East sites are anywhere from 11 to 20 web sites far from our coastline.

Standard Western RV Web Sites

Comprehensive Hookups (water/electric/sewer). They are the lowest priced of y our complete hookup web web sites. These are typically situated on the western side of our park (Standard Sections E & F). Web web Sites have firepit and picnic dining table.

Tent campsites that are only-Primitive

Tent Just, Non-hookups internet web web sites. These websites are tiny sites that are 25 no lawn or color. Only one tent, 1 vehicle, 1 dog & 4 people maximum per web site permitted. Web web internet Sites consist of picnic table and fire-pit. Ideal for tent campers on a tight budget. Obtainable in Summer Months JUST.

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